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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hey everyone. Long time no see.

Anyway, I just want to say a few things for the actual last time:

a) It is quite likely that this blog, and this whole blogger account, in fact, will be deleted soon. I don't feel like explaining way, but I'm just putting that out there, so when my account gets deleted you won't flip out or anything..
b) However, I still do log on to Animal Jam. Occasionally. Like if I'm really really really bored and have nothing better to do. So you still might see me on AJ.
c) I'm not disappearing from the internet, though. I'm active Flight Rising, my username is Oddment on there. I also got an Instagram, actually, and I'm peculiar.me on there - I mostly post pictures of my fish and photography photos on there. So yeah, you can find me on those sites.
d) I'm not active on the sites that are listed on the side of the blog - I never ever go on Wattpad/ Chicken Smoothie anymore. Just to make that clear.

Um, that's it. Bye! I guess.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hi guys! I just logged on AJ for the first time in what feels like 27 years and found this suprise waiting for me in my mailbox:


  1. Who wastes their time sending out messages like that?
  2. You fail at being mean. Seriously, if you are going to be rude at least come up with a good hate message.
  3. Ha ha ha? Hilarious? I mean, what the heck?
Yeesh. If you guys ever find something like that in your mailbox, don't let it get to you. 
I guess I'm sort of happy I quit, if this is what it has come to.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I said I was coming back and then I... didn't. That's why it's awkward.
So, I guess I'll have to apologize for lying. But I'm not coming back... So. Er. Sorry.
I just don't have much time anymore, and when I do have free time I use it to do other things (mainly Harry Potter, so I find myself often reading up on Harry Potter facts. I'm proud to say that I've finally found my fandom) that I enjoy more than Animal Jam. So, as a result, I haven't been online. For a long time.

Sorry guys. Maybe I'll get on every once in a while (every other month) or maybe I won't. I dunno. I guess it just depends.
I'll be leaving this blog up here, just because I'm selfish and I want to keep the URL, so sorry if you wanted to make a blog and name it Animal Jam Tribune but you are out of luck.

Since there is a good chance that you will ask, I'm going to tell you that if you want to find me on other sites there is a list in the corner that says "Me On Different Websites". Unfortunately, I haven't been very active on those sites either. So don't be surprised/worried/angry/whatever else you may be feeling if you try to contact me on those sights and I don't answer- it's not because I'm ignoring you.

Well... I guess that's it. Maybe one day you'll find another post up here.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did you know that if you stand on top of sleeping jammers, so that you're nametag is right on top of theirs, and you jump on them, they're forced to stand up? It is so much fun to do, if you're looking to annoy people. Believe me.
It's hilarious. 
Especially if you dress up like a ninja.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

New Siggy

Credit to Duchess Berrybunny for the new background!

How do you like the new signature? :P

Thursday, November 13, 2014

3 Main Points

Salve peepsles! I have a few things to say before I start this post.
a. I'm officially coming back!Though I might not be able to get on/post too often, because of school/homework/basketball/oboe/life.... You get the idea.
b. I made a new header - do you like it? I'm planning to make signature with the same style and I also might change the background.
c. I probably won't do a winter background (sorry)! I love my new header to much. ^o^

Anyway, so,I'll make a better post once I find something to post about, which will probably happen on Saturday, seeing as I shall have no time tomorrow. :P

TG (it's almost) IF!

PS You know how when you lock your den, you have the option to remove non-buddies? I think they should add one where you can remove EVERYONE. :P

Sunday, November 9, 2014

String Of Leaves & Twists and Turns

Well, hello Jammers!
I may be coming back. I dunno- I logged in a few days ago, and logged in the next day, and I logged in the next day.. So yeah.
Anyways, a few days ago I logged on and bought this awesome item called the String of Leaves! It's really cool, I really like it. Anyway, the next day I log on (it was nm the day before) and it's member! Huh?
But guess what? It's still in my den!
Strange, eh? I don't get it either. Though it's a member item, I put it in my den (when it was nm) and now it's still in my den, though it's a member item! I hope AJHQ doesn't fix this glitch of me-having-a-member-item-in-my-den - I quite like it!
Also, I noticed an item (this is actually a favorite item of mine) is missing from Jam Mart Furniture - the Bamboo Vents. I really like them...

I did the Twists and Turns adventure (it's a corn maze thing) - in the center, there's an NM prize and a member prize! (:O)

Nonember Prize:
Cornstalk Lantern

Member Prize:
Wacky Which-Way Sign
Fall Archway

Hmm... That seems a little unfair, but whatever. :T

These are a few screenshots of it:

(center of the maze)

(random spot in maze)

(A wacky which-way sign!
This has a message written backwards; forwards, it says:
"Are you sure you're not going BACKWARDS?")

This adventure is nonmember, you don't need an adventure level to do it, an unlimited number of people can join, and it is lots of fun! There are several colored chests and keys hidden around it, and each color key goes with the same color chest! 
Ex: red key opens red chest
Each wacky which-way sign has a different message. One syas, "Are you sure you're going the RIGHT way?" which I took to be a clue that meant go right. Typically, this is not a clue and just... Er... Wacky Which-Way signs being wacky. Don't fall for the same trick that I did!

I believe each chest contains 750 gems, but I'm not sure, since I only opened the red chest.
I love this adventure - thank you, AJ!